BavToysE36 Headlight Guide

Open the hood. Looking down from above locate the corner light retaining clip. Use a long screwdriver to release the retaining clip. While maintaining SLIGHT pressure to the retaining clip (push clip towards the outboard side of car)

pull the corner light towards the front of the car. Do NOT pull too hard, you do not want to yank out the bulb socket.

unclip the turn signal socket to release the bulb from turn signal.

Use an 8 mm socket to remove the 3 bolts holding the headlight to the radiator support bar. Once removed, move on to the remaining two bolts on the bottom of the headlight.

With the turn signal removed, you should easily be able to see a bolt on the bottom of the headlight. Unbolt this one, and move on to the last remaining bolt.

Remove the radiator shroud and locate the bolt on the bottom left hand corner of the headlight. Once this is removed, your headlight will easily separate from the vehicle.

Unplug your stock 9006 low beam power supply.

Then unplug your stock 9005 high beam power supply.

Now it is time to install your new headlight.

Connect the corresponding plug and play wires to the plug and play prongs located on the back of the headlight

Pictured is wiring properly installed.

Once your wires are snug, push the silicone grommet over the plug and play prongs, sealing it from the elements.

You will connect the grey wire from the plug and play adapter to the parking light wire.

Wire up the angel eyes to the parking light wire. On one side of the car the wire you are looking for is grey/purple and the other side will be grey/yellow.

Pictured is the grey wire from your plug and play spliced into your parking light. You can use T taps, butt connectors, solder, or any other method you feel comfortable with to splice the two wires together.

Plug your stock 9005 high beam connector (usually a grey 9005 connector, brown ground wire, white power wire) into the plug and play harness (black 9005 plug, brown ground wire, white power wire). This will allow your high beams to function properly.

Plug in corresponding AMP connectors from HID bulb (coming out of your low beam cover) to the HID ballast.

Now that all the wiring is done we can install the headlight. Start by putting in the low beam side of the headlight first. You will find that it is a tight fit, but this is the easiest way to get the headlight in without force.

Once the low beam side of the headlight slides in, push in the high beam side of the headlight.

Plug turn signal socket/bulb back into turn signal.

With the headlight loose and room to play, you will be able to install your lights without breaking the headlight sliders, corner light retaining clip or guide pin. Tip: Heat slider rails with hair dryer or heat gun to lower the chances or cracking or breaking the guide rails.

Align the headlight properly inline with your nose panel.

Once the headlight is situated and fitted properly, reinstall the 8 mm bolts to secure headlight into vehicle. You will need to adjust the headlights for the proper beam pattern.

You may need to make gross adjustments by adjusting the headlight mounting screws and then fine tuning with the aiming adjusters on the back of the headlight

Wiring Diagram: