e36 h1Hid Install In Ellipsoids HEADLIGHTS

DIY Install Guide

Once the headlights are removed from the vehicle, it will be much easier to do your HID install. Pictured is the low beam dust cover, this will require minimum modification in order install your H1 HIDs correctly. Remove low beam dust cover. Please refer to your owners manual for instructions on changing bulbs

Once the low beam dust cover is removed, your low beam bulb and positive/negative connectors will be exposed. Disconnect the positive and negative female spade connectors from the headlight by pulling firmly away from the low beam bulb.

Next, pinch and release the metal retaining clips which will allows the OEM H1 low beam bulb to be removed. Pictured is the metal retaining clip fully unlocked.

Remove the H1 bulb out of the headlight housing. Save it as a spare for the high beams and fogs. Carefully test fit the H1 HID bulb on your headlight housing. If the HID bulb does not slide in effortlessly, DO NOT FORCE IT. You will need to open up the metal bulb retainer slightly with a Dremel tool.

Using a Dremel tool, carefully grind the metal bulb retainer slightly. Go slowly and test fit the bulb as you go. Repeat grinding as many times as it takes for the H1 HID bulb to fit. Using a drill with a Uni-bit (pictured) or a 7/8 wood spade bit drill a 7/8 hole in your low beam dust cover. This will allow you to pass the HID wiring through.

Pictured is the drilled low beam dust cover. Carefully pass the H1 HID bulb and wiring through the modified low beam dust cover. The rubber grommet stays to outside of the dust cover.

Pinch half of the rubber grommet through the 7/8 hole, sealing your low beam from the elements.

Secure the H1 HID bulb in the headlight housing by reinstalling the metal retaining clip. Once the wires and grommet are in place, reinstall low beam dust cover onto headlight housing.

After reinstalling your headlight with new HID installed back on your car, plug the corresponding AMP connectors from the ballast to the HID bulb.